A forest riddled with cats

I’ve been working on this cats drawing in preparation for (?!) getting a cat!! The more I think about them the more I need on in my life. I feel like I may become one of those cat ladies…


Happy New Year and...

It’s the new year and we’ve been sorting like mad in our household. This directly results from a friend of mine lending us the very popular tidying book - yes, the Japanese lady who has the knack to spark some joy back into your life - Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying”. I have to admit, I was very apprehensive when I was told to give it a read, but there were SO MANY TRUTHS in it! Your parents’ house is not a storage space people! Or in my case, my in-laws house! Yikes!
Reading parts of this book encouraged us to look at the way we use space and, basically to cut the long story short, we have made some space for a lovely DESK!!! YES!!! WIN!!
Leading from that, I’ve started looking through some of my old work and found this image which I thought I’d share since I entered it into the Illustration Friday’s weekly art challenge. This week’s topic was “Wall” so, here it is. Enjoy my wall.

The Wall and window

Exciting News!

I have had the pleasure of working with Anna Woodford again recently  - she is a wonderful poet and the loveliest person you could work for - and she has a new book being published in July this year. 

I am proud to say that I was asked to make the cover illustration by Anna and needless to say, I was absolutely delighted to do so!

Her book is called Changing Rooms and it'll be published by Salt Publishing. You'll be able to find the preview via the link. Make sure to get your own copy when it's out! 

Local park series no.1 - Finally framed!

Hello again! So my park series #1 is finally ready and framed - I've been itching to get this done for a veeeery long time now and at last! It is done! Doesn't it look awesome?
These are now available as high quality Gicleé prints so check out the PRINTS page!

New pens!

I've been experimenting with my Copic Sketch markers that I had bought in Japan. Sometimes all it takes for inspiration to kick in is a new set of pens! Have a little peek into my sketchbook and see what I've been playing around with.

Monocled Man

I was fortunate enough to be asked to design the album cover for a band called Monocled Man written and produced by Rory Simmons a trumpeter and composer . 
It was an interesting project as the music is inspired by the Tromelin Island and Deception Island - both tiny uninhibited islands surrounded by mysterious stories of shipwrecks and abandoned slaves. The music reflects this dark history of these islands and I wanted to depict the same darkness and a sense of mystery in my designs.
You can see more of my album cover designs from here.